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  • Iron Source, LLC Opens New Gehl Location

    May 21, 2013
    <img alt="" class="img-left" src="/images/default-source/News/gehl-mappin-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.5802373699843884" title="Gehl-MapPin-Thumb" />Iron Source, LLC opens a new location in Smyrna, Deleware supporting the Gehl brand. The new location will provide Gehl sales, service and parts support for skid loaders, compact track loaders, compact excavators, articulated loaders and telescopic handlers.

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  • Arnold's of Kimball, Inc. adds Gehl Articulated Loaders & ...

    May 09, 2013
    <img alt="" class="img-left" src="/images/default-source/News/rt250-gravel-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.21723960898816586" title="RT250-Gravel-Thumb" />Arnold's of Kimball, Inc. adds Gehl articulated loaders and compact track loaders to their Gehl product portfolio. Their current product offering includes skid loaders, compact track loaders and articulated loaders.

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  • Gregg Abbott Equipment Sales, Inc. Adds Gehl Articulated Loaders...

    Apr 29, 2013
    <img class="img-left" alt="Gehl Articulated Loaders" src="/images/default-source/News/al-news-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.1904224599711597" title="Gehl Articulated Loaders"/>Gregg Abbott Equipment Sales, Inc. of Jackson, Missouri adds Gehl Articulated Loaders to their Gehl product portfolio. Their current Gehl product offering includes articulated loaders, compact excavators, skid loaders and compact track loaders.

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  • Glenwood Farm Equipment Joins the Gehl Dealer Network

    Apr 25, 2013
    <img alt="" src="/images/default-source/News/gehl-mappin-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.646223206538707" title="Gehl-MapPin-Thumb" class="img-left" />Glenwood Farm Equipment joins the Gehl dealer network providing sales, service and parts support for Gehl skid loaders and compact track loaders.

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  • Gehl Launches R Series Skid Loaders in North America

    Mar 27, 2013
    <img alt="" class="img-left" src="/images/default-source/News/r-series-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.11988001223653555" title="R-Series-Thumb" />This all-new line includes three models – the R190, the R220 and the R260. Offering an enhanced operator station with an integrated digital display, improved visibility all-around, pressurized cabs, Tier IV engines and a high-powered hydraulic system, the R Series is the next evolution of Gehl skid loaders.

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  • Gehl Introduces All-New Z35 GEN:2 Compact Excavator

    Sep 17, 2012
    <img alt="" class="img-left" src="/images/default-source/News/z35-gen2-news-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.4007464286405593" title="Z35 GEN2 News Thmb" />The all-new Gehl Z35 GEN:2 compact excavator brings efficient, compact performance to the market in a state-of-the-art package. This exciting new model incorporates innovative features that will enhance productivity, operator comfort and efficiency on the jobsite. The Z35 GEN:2 compact excavator includes multiple upgrades from the previous Z35 model.

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  • Gehl Introduces the "KING" V400 Skid Loader

    Jul 24, 2012
    <img alt="" class="img-left" src="/images/default-source/News/v400-news-thumb.jpg?sfvrsn=0.7136348283383995" title="V400-News-Thumb" />The V400 boasts a rated operating capacity of 4,000 lbs. (1814 kg) and a true vertical lift height of 144” (3647 mm). As the king of all skid loaders, this machine reigns over the largest jobs.

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