Why Skid Loaders?

Designed to move earth, prep land, and flatwork concrete, Skid Loaders are the first to arrive at a fresh construction site or new house build. They're machines that get the ball rolling—and keep it rolling. Highly maneuverable and delivering the ability to perform zero-radius turns, their compact size and strength allow operators to perform heavy-duty tasks in the tightest spaces. And because Skid Loaders use wheels, they're ideal for digging and hauling material across more solid and stable environments like inside sheds, on flat pavement, or in barns.

Vertical and Radial Lift options

Depending on your needs and situation, we offer both radial lift and vertical lift Skid Loaders. Our radial lift loaders offer extended reach at the middle of the lift path and are designed for easier, more accessible on-site serviceability. Our vertical lift loaders provide more reach at full lift height, making them optimal for applications that require loading and stacking at high heights. Plus, you can increase the lift capacity of a vertical lift loader by keeping the load closer to the machine.

Designed for safety

Every machine we manufacture is informed by safety—from a more comfortable cab that reduces operator fatigue to a pressure-sensitive seat that only works when a user sits with the restraint bar lowered. Clear visibility from all sides of the machine allow for precision operation that raises productivity and minimizes accidents. We also designed our Skid Loaders with heavy-duty doors and and the highest level of safety protection for an operator in a roll over or falling object situation with industry leading Level II Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS). Because, at the end of the day, nothing is more important than ensuring you get home safe after leaving the jobsite.

Accessible operation

Gain productivity with an intuitive, digital color display (on select models) that delivers real-time information to operators—from fuel consumption and engine RPM to machine hours, engine diagnostic codes, and warning indicators. It's the right information at the right time, helping operators avoid unsafe maneuvers and guiding users with differing skill levels. You can also select from several control options to best fit your needs, including hand and foot, dual-hand, t-bar, and joystick.

Easy maintenance

Featuring excellent service access and built with quality components, our Skid Loaders are built to provide a durable experience that's easy to maintain over the long haul. Helping reduce your downtime and making you more productive in the most challenging environments, we offer easier access to the chain drive for quicker maintenance and repairs—getting you back to the jobsite and ready to work.