Why Telescopic Handlers?

Designed to lift, move, and place material, Telescopic Handlers (also called telehandler) are maneuverable, multi-purpose machines that can save you time and money. From rough-terrain conditions on landscaping sites and equestrian centers to construction sites and renovation work, our Telescopic Handlers can leverage many attachments — including our jib crane, floating forks carriage, and construction bucket — to handle all your jobsite tasks. You can load and unload a truck with forks, carry bulk material with buckets, or use jib and winches for crane applications. Getting materials right where they're needed, Telescopic Handlers are ideal for those who demand a machine that's built for versatility.

Simple and easy operation

Save on training time and gain productivity with aided operation, an intuitive dashboard and hydraulic levels that are easily accessible within the cabin. The right information you need at the right time, pop-ups inform the operator in real time about the use of a machine to keep one from performing unsafe maneuvers and guiding users with differing skill levels drive safer and more effective. Plus, intuitive joystick controls allow safe, one-handed operation without fatigue. You always keep one hand on the steering wheel for total control of your machine.

Designed for visibility and safety

Safety is at the core of every Telescopic Handler we build, and visibility is key for safe operation. That's why we design our machines to feature an unobstructed view of your load in a high position, with windows made from transparent and super-resistant materials to meet FOPS (Fall Object Protective Structure) requirements. Newer models feature unmatched forward visibility, which is a 30% increase in forward visibility. Additional options such as backup cameras, alarms, and rearview mirrors can further increase your visibility.

Off-road machine

Our Telescopic Handlers (or telehandler) are designed and job-tested to handle any terrain and any condition that you can throw at them. Featuring the round clearance needed in tough environments, you'll confidently navigate the most rugged job sites — even with steep gradients.

Streamlined maintenance

Our Telescopic Handlers are designed to allow for easier access to the main components — from a wide opening of the engine cover, accessible lubrication points, and access to the battery isolation and fuel tank with the engine cover closed. Plus, our latest models feature a perpendicularly mounted engine with 300 degrees of access, helping reduce your downtime and making you more productive in the most challenging environments.