Articulated loaders


Articulated loaders

The AL550 is the smallest of our lineup to have our Z-kinematic loaderarm, giving you unmatched break-out forces. This beast comes with an open canopy with additional options available in 2021. The 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, 100% diff lock and hand throttle is standard, making the AL550 have all the features you need for excellent performance and comfort. Small machine, big power. AL550's one wish is to work like you... tough, hard and resilient.

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3411 lbs
4828 lbs
10 ft 4 in
60 Hp
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Technical features


Static tipping load with bucket (straight)

4828.12 lbs

Static tipping load with bucket (full turn)

3732.42 lbs

Static tipping load with forks (straight)

3410.55 lbs

Static tipping load with forks (full turn)

2654.36 lbs

Max. height of bucket pivot point

10 ft 4.40 in

Reach at max. height

1 ft 4.92 in

Breakout force with bucket

4329.46 daN

Static tipping load with bucket - Straight with cab

4828.12 lbs

Static tipping load with bucket - Full turn with cab

3732.42 lbs

Static tipping load with pallet forks - Straight with cab

3410.55 lbs

Weight and dimensions

Unladen weight (with forks) with 4-post canopy

7469.92 lbs

Ground clearance

10.15 in

Overall length to carriage (with hitch)

13 ft 8.56 in


5 ft 8.66 in

Overall width of 4 posts canopy

4 ft 0.42 in

Overall cab width

4 ft 0.34 in

Overall width (over tyres)

4 ft 10.22 in

Overall height with 4 posts canopy

7 ft 6.94 in

Overall height with cab

7 ft 7.06 in

Tilt-up angle

39.90 °

Tilt-down angle

44.70 °

External turning radius (over tyres)

10 ft 6.18 in

Articulation angle

45 °



2.52 s


1.85 s


Engine brand


Engine model

TD 2.2 L3

Number of cylinders / Capacity of cylinders

3 - 20.61 in³

I.C. Engine power rating / Power (kW)

60 Hp / 45.50 kW

Max. torque / Engine rotation

200 Nm / 2400 rpm

Engine cooling system

2 radiators water + hydraulic oil


Transmission type


Number of gears (forward / reverse)

2 / 2

Max. travel speed (may vary according to applicable regulations)

17.59 mph

Differential lock

Machine Lock Rear & front

Parking brake



Hydraulic pump type

Gear pump

Hydraulic flow - Pressure

58.30 l/min / 3045.79 PSI

High-Flow Option (l/min)

72.30 l/min

Drive hydraulic system pressure

6091.58 PSI

Tank capacities

Hydraulic oil

11.88 US gal

Fuel tank

21.79 US gal


Safety cab homologation

ROPS - FOPS cab (level 1)