Why Track Loaders?

The moment you get behind one of our Track Loaders, you'll feel the difference. Featuring low ground pressure, these machines effortlessly navigate rough, harsh, and uneven terrain with minimal disruption to the surface—perfect for landscaping, muddy and unstable jobsites, and farm fields where minimal crop damage is critical. They're purpose-built for those who dig, load, and haul materials in the great outdoors, where nature's unpredictability means the best prepared are the best for the job. Want to work longer, get the job done, and avoid getting stuck in the mud? Look no further.

Automatic track tensioning system

Experience our innovative, industry-exclusive, automatic track tensioning system, IdealTrax®. Keeping you on the job longer with less downtime for maintenance, IdealTrax eliminates over-tensioning and releases track tension when the engine is turned off to avoid unnecessary stress on the machine. This process extends track life by up to 15 percent—saving you a substaintial amount of time and money on maintenance, track replacement, and labor costs over the life of a machine.

Clear visibility with fewer obstructions

An optional fold-up door, IdealAccess® is an industry-exclusive, proprietary feature for our Pilot Series of Track Loaders. This fold-up door design allows for an operating height that's several inches lower than Track Loaders with overhead door systems. For operators, that means the door folds up and keeps everything in front—providing overhead room that's free of obstructions so operators can focus on the task in front of them. This option is available on the RT165 and larger.

Built to keep you safe

Every machine we manufacture is informed by safety—from a more comfortable cab that reduces operator fatigue to a high-mounted seat with an excellent vantage point of the task ahead. Excellent sightlines from all sides of the machine allow for precision operation that raises productivity and reduces jobsite incidents. We also designed our Track Loaders with the highest level of safety protection for an operator in a roll over or falling object situation with industry leading Level II Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) — all to ensure that you make it home safely, day after day.

Pilot Series

Experience unmatched control and precision with our Pilot Series of Track Loaders. Delivering true hydraulic driven power, the Pilot Series features pilot-operated joystick controls that give operators one-to-one proportional control over the drive system—it's power on demand, when and where you need it. In other words, when you move the joystick, the machine reacts. It's a level of responsiveness that ensures total control of your machine, even in the most challenging conditions.