Compact Loaders


Compact Loaders

We've come to the monster of them all, the V420. Lift height? Yes. Lift capacity? Oh Yes! True raw power and durability? Like none other and built to impress. 120HP. Yes, you read that right. This loader is in a class of it's own. Anything from flatwork in construction to filling the back of a dump truck, this machine won't let you down. Drive one today at your local dealer and you'll notice the difference when you feel those 120 horses behind you. All while not giving up anything in maneuverability. Specially engineered body type with straight loader arms below the operator's eyesight gives the V420 unmatched visibility. You gotta see drive it to believe it!

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Technical features


Rated Operating Capacity

1905 kg

Unladen weight

5291 kg

Weight and dimensions

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

4744 mm

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

3653 mm

Overall Height to Top of ROPS

2083 mm

Dump angle at full height

31 °

Dump height

2921 mm

Overall length with bucket

4039 mm

Dump reach - Full height

965 mm

Rollback at ground

30 °


1384 mm

Overall width less bucket

2057 mm

Bucket Width

2134 mm

Ground clearance

197 mm

Overall length - Less Bucket

3124 mm

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

2484 mm

Clearance Circle - Front without Bucket

1410 mm

Clearance Circle - Rear

1880 mm


Travel Speed with Two-Speed Option - Maximum

18.70 km/h


Standard tyres

14.00x17.5 HD


Engine brand


Engine model

TCD 3.6

Engine norm

Stage IV / Tier 4 Final

Gross Power (kW)

90 kW

Max. torque / Engine rotation

480 Nm / 2200 rpm


12 V

Starter (kW)

4 kW


Standard flow - Auxiliary hydraulics

114 l/min

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics – Option

155 l/min

Tank capacities

Fuel tank

144 l

Reservoir Capacity Hydraulics

59.80 l


3.60 l

Noise and vibration

Environmental noise (LwA)

82.90 dB

Whole-Body Vibration (ISO 2631-1)

1.09 m/s²

Vibration to whole hand/arm

< 1.15 m/s²