Why Articulated Loaders?

There are three words that best articulate what defines our Articulated Loaders: versatile, compact, and maneuverable. These machines are designed around their articulation joint, enabling a tight turn radius that allows operators to swiftly move and lift loads in cramped areas while avoiding ground damage. With a higher operator position for better visibility and compatible with a wide variety of attachments, Articulated Loaders make your operations more flexible and productive. They're purpose-built to help you get in and get the job done, no matter the space you're in—from agricultural and landscaping to construction and urban worksites.

At home on any terrain

Featuring front and rear locking differentials that are easily activated with a single button push, these machines can navigate the toughest terrain with four wheel drive that gets you the torque and traction you need. Need lifting and placing accuracy? We've got you covered. Our Articulated Loaders have an inching pedal for precise placement of the machine when the task at hand demands it. And depending on your needs and space requirements, we offer a large variety of tires to maximize your productivity.

Designed for versatility

Included as standard equipment on our Articulated Loaders, the Power-A-Tach® hydraulic attachment system features a skid steer interface to utilize other attachments you already own—it's one machine that can operate as many. Giving you the flexibility of Skid Steer, Euro Style and 4-Point Systems, Power-A-Tach allows operators to quickly transform their Articulated Loader to handle a wide range of tasks. For those who demand versatility, it's the perfect solution.

Z-bar or telescopic

For our larger Articulated Loaders, we offer the option of either a Z-bar or telescopic loader arm depending on your needs. The Z-bar loader arm delivers greater breakout force in addition to added visibility for the operator to better see the task at hand. Do you need extra reach? Then the telescopic loader arm is what you need.

Move with purpose

Need performance and power to move from task to task on a demanding worksite? You're in the right place. All of our large Articulated Loaders* come standard with a hydrostatic transmission with differential lock that deliver travel speeds up to 19mph / 30kph km/hr (with 3-speed transmissions as an additional option). *with the exception of ALT950’s CVT Transmission