Compact Loaders


Compact Loaders

If your job requires a unit at the top of the food chain, look no further than the VT320. This vertical lift track loader is the largest in our offering and is willing to compete with any other unit in the trenches, where it matters. A 85 kW engine and 1,452 kg of rated operating capacity gives this unit the tractive effort and muscle needed to break out of piles. The VT320 is the bite, not the bark.

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4298 mm
4059 mm
1766 mm
85 kW
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Technical features


Operating Weight

5352 kg

Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load

1452 kg

Operating Capacity At 50% Tipping Load

2074 kg

Tipping capacity

4148 kg

Weight and dimensions

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

4298 mm

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

3302 mm

Reach - Fully Raised

1026 mm

Dump angle at full height

41 °

Dump Height - Fully Raised

2530 mm

Maximum Rollback Angle - Fully Raised

90.30 °

Overall Height to Top of ROPS

2111 mm

Overall length with bucket

4059 mm

Overall Length without Bucket

3243 mm

Specified Height

1938 mm

Reach at Specified Height

751 mm

Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground

31 °

Carry Position

199 mm

Maximum Rollback Angle at Carry Position

31 °

Digging Position

19 mm

Angle of Departure with STD Counterweight

23.50 °

Ground clearance

309 mm

Track gauge

1313 mm

Track Shoe Width

450 mm

Crawler base

1570 mm

Overall width less bucket

1766 mm

Bucket Width

2131 mm

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

2489 mm

Clearance Circle - Rear

1870 mm

Track Type / Roller Type

Rubber / Steel


Ground Speed - Single Speed

8.60 km/h

Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort

5792 kg

Bucket Breakout - Tilt Cylinder

4492 kg

Bucket Breakout - Lift Cylinder

3398 kg


Engine brand


Engine model

TD 3.6 EPA Tier IV

Motor Type

Axial Piston with planetary gear box reduction

Gross Power (kW) / Power

85 kW @ 2300 rpm


12 V

Cold Cranking Amps at Temperature (CCA)

1600 A

Alternator - Voltage / Ampere

14 V / 120 A


Standard flow - Auxiliary hydraulics

110 l/min

Tank capacities

Hydraulic tank capacity

37.60 l

Fuel tank

121.10 l

Displacement / Number of cylinders

3.60 l / 4