Compact Loaders


Compact Loaders

From farm to house projects, it's all about all-terrain maneuverability, and the RT135 ultra-compact Track Loader delivers in spades. Rough terrain? No problem. Uneven ground? Bring it on. Soft and muddy? That's what this machine was built for. Pilot-operated joystick controls deliver one-to-one proportional control over the drive system, which means you'll enjoy precision movement in unstable, tight, and narrow spaces. And while it might be small, the RT135 has all the performance of a full-sized machine—1,350 lbs. of rated lifting capacity. Combine all that with a comfortable cabin featuring enhanced visibility, and it's easy to see how this machine is essential for demanding agricultural and construction work.

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3670 mm
3076 mm
1448 mm
34.30 kW
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Technical features


Operating Weight

2953 kg

Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load

612 kg

Operating Capacity At 50% Tipping Load

875 kg

Tipping capacity

1750 kg

Weight and dimensions

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

3670 mm

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

2794 mm

Dump angle at full height

40 °

Overall Height to top of ROPS

1930 mm

Overall length with bucket

3076 mm

Overall Length without Bucket

2360 mm

Specified Height

771 mm

Reach at Specified Height

1494 mm

Dump angle at specified height

75 °

Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground

28 °

Carry Position

165 mm

Maximum Rollback Angle at Carry Position

28 °

Digging Position

18 mm

Angle of Departure with STD Counterweight

28 °

Ground clearance

213 mm

Track gauge

1148 mm

Track Shoe Width

300 mm

Crawler base

1168 mm

Overall width less bucket

1448 mm

Bucket Width

1524 mm

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

1918 mm

Clearance Circle - Rear

1440 mm

Track Type / Track Rollers / Roller Type

Rubber / 4 / Steel


Ground Speed - Single Speed

10 km/h

Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort

3248 kg

Bucket Breakout - Tilt Cylinder

1588 kg

Bucket Breakout - Lift Cylinder

1692 kg


Engine brand


Engine model


Motor Type

Radial Piston

Gross Power / Power

34.30 kW @ 2500 rpm

Battery voltage

12 V

Cold Cranking Amps at Temperature (CCA)

800 A

Alternator - Voltage / Ampere

12 V / 100 A


Standard flow - Auxiliary hydraulics

63.60 l/min

Tank capacities

Oil Pan Capacity

6.40 l

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

34.80 l

Fuel tank

59.40 l

Displacement / Number of cylinders

2.20 l / 4