Compact Loaders

VT210 - NEW

Compact Loaders

Looking for both power and maneuverability in a single machine? Look no further than the mid-sized VT210, a vertical lift Track Loader that excels at both. This durable and capable Track Loader nails the sweet spot between size and strength, boasting 2,100 lbs. of rated operating capacity and the ability to add an optional counterweight to lift even more. On the farm, construction site, or large property (or all three), the VT210 is the perfect fit—no matter the conditions. Without sacrificing lifting power, its smaller frame makes transport easier. This sturdy, multi-purpose machine tackles daily tasks with ease and offers you the versatility to adapt to the next challenge on your to-do list.

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159 in
36 in
139 in
66 in
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Technical features


Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight

2200 lb

Operating Weight

8865 lb

Unladen weight

8049 lb

Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load

2100 lb

Operating Capacity At 50% Tipping Load

3000 lb

Tipping capacity

5999 lb

Weight and dimensions

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised

159 in

Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised

121 in

Dump reach - Full height

36 in

Dump angle at full height

42 °

Overall Height to top of ROPS

81 in

Overall length with bucket

139 in

Ground clearance

8 in

Overall width less bucket

66 in

Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket

87 in

Clearance Circle - Rear

63 in


Engine brand


Engine model


Gross Power

51.70 kW

Net Power

51 kW

Max. torque / Engine rotation

178 ft/lbs @ 1625 rpm

I.C. Engine power rating

69.30 Hp

Battery voltage

12 V

Alternator - Ampere

100 A


Standard flow - Auxiliary hydraulics

23 US gpm

Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure

3475 PSI

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics – Option

30 US gpm

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Pressure – Option

3325 PSI

Tank capacities

Fuel tank

38 US gal

Displacement / Number of cylinders

0.87 US gal / 4